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Leaf Pattern Design

Kim Chute, MSc., S-LP

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP Therapist)

Helping learners with communication abilities and needs

with a holistic perspective and genuine optimism


Kim Chute is currently Registered with the Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (ACSLPA). 

About a Welcome Learning Journey ... and Kim 

Kim Chute is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP therapist) with over 30 years of experience serving individuals, families and educators in rural and remote communities. She is comfortable with a range of unique developmental profiles, and welcomes opportunities to collaborate together in homes, places of learning as well as online via Zoom. Through conversation, play and fun activities we get to know each other, share ideas and plan an encouraging path forward. With humility Kim recognizes we are a diverse community of learners, so we honour each person's profile including their gifts. Kim is committed to offering evidence-based, client-centered, and culturally responsive services based on unique needs. She continually welcomes new insights from families and educators to expand her knowledge and skills  ... so grateful for this enriching and fascinating livelihood as a speech-language therapist. 

SLPs offer support for challenges or differences related to:

  • speaking clearly enough so others can understand

  • expressing ideas with words, phrases & sentences (expressive language)

  • comprehending the meaning of what others say (receptive language)

  • relating socially with others in play & conversation

  • developing literacy (processing sounds, reading & spelling, printing to express ideas)

  • using augmentative & alternative (AAC) communication systems

  • speaking with a healthy voice (quality, resonance & more)

  • speaking with smooth 'flow' vs interruptions (e.g. stuttering)

  • using our attention & memory to process speech & language

  • nonverbal cues like facial expression, gestures & body language)

  • regulating energy, temperament & emotions for successful communication & learning

  • feeding & swallowing

Screening, Assessment, Collaboration & Therapy Supports

Depending on needs, SLP service can be tailored to offer insights in various ways:

  • sharing initial ideas & observations together

  • screening & assessment of current skills

  • naturalistic observations while chatting, learning & playing

  • reviewing developmental health & learning history so far

  • sharing info & resources to help at home or school

  • sharing cues & strategies for specific skills & growth

  • arriving together at common understandings of needs with a holistic view & fostering optimism

  • SLP service only occurs with signed & informed consent from parents/ guardians, with any questions or concerns welcome

LB, teacher

"Thanks so much for the detailed report. I feel that through your work with M--, we have learned so much about him as a learner and that he has learned so much about himself ... Thanks again for all your help."
Leaf Pattern Design

What caregivers and educators say:

MM, principal & adoptive guardian

"[Your] report gave me as a caregiver and educator a very clear idea of what is going on with D--'s learning. Just knowing what is going on is very helpful as well as the strategies you suggest."

BC, special education teacher

"Thank you for the most positive, informative & practical report I have ever come across in all my 18 years as a SpEd teacher. I hope you won't mind if I use the suggestions with other students in the same position. I think you're wonderful!" 

Feel welcome to Contact Kim


Phone Kim at 250-256-4700 (landline)

Fax: 250-256-4700


5305 50 Avenue, Mailbox #1071

Red Deer, AB   T4N 4B6

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